XTEND DESIGN LTD is architecture and design company focused on interdisciplinary projects for both Earth and space. Our London-based team has experience with creating designs for clients on 5 continents from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Clients of team members include NASA, European Science Foundation and major brands such as Shell, Vodafone mobile, Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff. Our designs were presented in 17 exhibitions in Europe and America and won several awards and prizes. The research activities focus mainly on space architecture, sustainable design and green infrastructure.

Space Architecture for Earth and Solar System

space architect Tomas Rousek

Tomas Rousek is a space architect best known for his sustainable space architecture projects for both Earth and Solar System. He founded a design company A-ETC.net with team in London and Prague and cooperates with world’s largest architecture company AECOM and NASA. He also became Chief Design Officer of ESTEE (EARTH SPACE TECHNICAL ECOSYSTEM ENTERPRISES Ltd.) and creative director of Vertic Developments and Living Green City.

He got awards from NASA or for the futuristic projects for Vodafone. Tomas is a member of the Space Architecture Technical Committee of AIAA. His reasearch ranges from artificial gravity to 3D printing, future architecture and sustainable product design. He is co-founder of non-profit organization Futura Pragensis and presented his work in 16 galleries in Europe and America.

Tomas created many designs for brands such as Vodafone, Shell, Johnnie Walker or Hewlett-Packard. Recently, he teamed with colleagues from Zaha Hadid Architects ad HOK London to develop new light collection for Light Union inspired by nature with both sustainable and hi-tech approach.