NASA Group Achievement Award for participating in HDU mission

1st place – collaboration with DOT Architects – international competition Leonardo 2007 –

Best young European architects, Category Monumental Architecture

20after20 exhibition – Selection of 20 most interesting young architects after revolution in Czech republic


1st prize in international architecture competition – bungalows for Bella Pais 5-star hotel resort in Cyprus 2005 – not built

Finalist of “DuPont: Skin of Corian” competition – Vodafone NeoCortex project in Milan 2006

2nd place, CZECH TOP 100 competition – Best annual report of building company – Subterra, 2007

3rd place in Sappi competition Stockholm for callendar of Subterra – future visions of Prague, 2006

2nd place, Roosevelt Residence architecture competition, Prague

Selected as a “Talent of the week – Tomas Rousek, Architect of the future” in MF Dnes journal

Winners of design competition – Baileys, Bushmills, Selezione Casillo, Subterra etc.


co-organizer of Futura Pragensis:

Design Exchange Gallery, Toronto, CAD 2007

CASA Vertigo, Eindhoven, NL 2008

National Gallery Prague – Trade Fair Palace, CZ 2005

NoD gallery Prague, CZ 2005

National Technical Museum Kosice, SK 2006

Galerie Veza, Bratislava, SK 2006


Designers, Makers, Users: 3D Printing the Future, MODA – MUSEUM OF DESIGN ATLANTA, USA, 2015

20 after 20, Galerie Jaroslava Frangera, Prague, CZ, 2009

New Face of Prague, Galerie Jaroslava Frangera, Prague, CZ

New Face of Prague, Sokolov, CZ 2012

Berlin, Hamburg…

Everything began in Prague at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. We started a non-profit organization called Futura Pragensis made up of a team of 30 enthusiastic young architects and designers from Prague, London and other cities. We created many designs and scenarios of development for the future and we have presented our work in more than 12 exhibitions in galleries in Europe and Canada. First Futura Pragensis in Trade Fair Palace became the most visited exhibition of National Gallery Prague and was prolongated twice. Then we continued to other cities with support of Czech Centres and our great sponsors (Michael Tippin, Subterra, Modra Pyramida Mortgage Bank and others). We created a Virtual Reality System based on the Half-life 2 engine for presenting our visions in DX Toronto.

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